Monday, February 10, 2014

Home at last

Since I last blogged I have been away for almost seven weeks straight. Christmas in Dubai followed by a month in the UK . My daughter Sarah gave birth to her second child Florence a little sister for Lily on the 17th January.
I have missed my sewing machine and today I got back to quilting again. I am working on a UFO a block of the month I started last January in tandem with friends Pat and Gloria in the USA. It is available free on Country Threads website. 
Both Pat and Gloria are now working on their 2014 Country Threads quilts while I am lagging behind still working on the July 2013
blocks. Well I got one done today it is the starry spools block. Here it is along with the previous months up to July. I hope to work through the blocks over the next few weeks as I hope to put this quilt in an exhibition at the beginning of pressure!
Hope you are all enjoying 2014 so far despite the weather 

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KC'sCourt! said...

!7th January 2014 is a good date! My grand-daughter was born that day too!
Lovely quilt
Julie xxxxxxxx